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Racial ReconciliationWhat if all the races of the world could live peacefully in ultimate equality? This would be the product of true Racial Reconciliation, the premise explored Dr. Ransey O'Daniel in Racial Reconciliation: Does America Really Want It? Written from the perspective of the average African-American, years of bad race relations taken into account, O'Daniel writes an in depth and convincing thesis about the effects of racial inequality and sterotyping which advocates a peaceful and equal reconciliation between all the races.Racial Reconciliation by Ransey O'Daniel
From issues as blatant as racial segregation to more subliminal forms of exclusion, Racial Reconciliation will inspire readers to take a deeper look at race relations in their communities and ecourage everyone to overcome prejudice and erase the bitter taste left by years of discord between the eclectic group of people living in America.
Author Ransey O'Daniel is the pastor of Christ Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa. He received his Bachelor of Science at Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee, his Master of Divinity degree at Morehouse School of Religion in Atlanta, Georgia, and his Doctor of Ministry degree at Howard University in Washington, D.C. He is a proponent of peaceful reconciliation between races and hopes to change the racial climate through his written  works.





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